Let it grow before your eyes !! Ever imagine the wonder of paper? MAGIC TREE is a perfect example to show you what it can do V the beautiful blossoms grow entirely from and on the papers. Enjoy the fun watching MAGIC TREE blossom into a beautiful tree.

We focus on  magic trees for many years. We have confidence to provide best quality and service for customers.  Welcome your own design or idea for further development.  

Please click Here  for checking our flash movie !!

#TR-11 Magic Christmas Tree
@ @ @
#TR-22  Magic Love Tree @
#TR-33  Magic Showman @
#TR-55 Magic Chirstmas Club
#TR-66 Magic Santa Claus
#TR-77 Magic Bunny 
#TR-88 Happy Chick
#TR-99 Jack Pumpkin 
#TR-101 Magic Witch  
#TR-102 Magic Fish 
@ @ @ @
#TR-103 Magic Dolphin 
@ @ @ @
#TR-1000 Magic Green Christmas Tree 25 cm Tall @
#TR-1010 Magic White Christmas Tree  25 cm Tall @


How to play:

1) Spread the leaves of each branch of tree; decorate with parts.

2) Pour the magic water

3) It will be full grows in 24 hours.



Recycle for More Fun !!


After magic tree wither and fall,  you can remove paper parts,  then clean  plastic tray and plastic decoration parts for following  re-usage.  

A) Organizer Tray 

Put plastic tray in water for one day, the glue inside slot will easy peel off. 

Please prepare  paperboard (thickness around 1mm)  and insert them on the slot of plastic tray, you will now have an organizer tray with 4 compartments. You can use this tray to collect thumbtacks, paper clips, rubber bands, buttons, beans or any other small items.   

Only TR-66 Magic does  include paperboard for this  new idea.     


@ (Parts not included) @


B) Pen holder

The base of TR-55 is also a wonderful pen holder.  You can put  feather pen on our  shinny silver base. It will attract all attentions on your desk !! 


C) Finger dolls

Collect plastic heads (rabbit, chicken, witch, C)

C) Finger Dolls

How to play:

  1. Materials: Glove, double-side sticker, paperboard, plastic head, plastic decoration sheet.

  2. Tear off the plastic decoration  sheet from the round base of Magic Tree, and use double-side sticker to glue it on paperboard.  It will become a simple stage.

  3. Take out the sponge from the plastic head of Magic Tree and clean, put double size sticker to glue plastic head on glove.

  4. Collect different type of plastic head, you can play finger show with children for more fun !!