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Item No.:  ALP-101 Amazing Log Puzzle 

Packaging: 1 pc/blister card 


  • Please take out the 10 log pieces from the transparent cube: 

Hold the AMAZING LOG PUZZLE in one hand, and use your other hand to push each log piece until you find a loose piece that you can pull out. You may need to push hard to find the first piece. Only one piece can come out at the beginning! after pulling out the first piece, continue to pull out the rest of the pieces using the same method. 

  • Placing each of the 10 log pieces into the transparent cube: 

    1. Please check and compare each of the log pieces to see the different grooves on each log. 

    2. Attempt to place each log, one by one, into the cube. 

    3. Each log piece can only be inserted into one specific hole in order to complete the AMAZING LOG PUZZLE.

    4. After completing the AMAZING LOG PUZZLE, please note that the distance coming out of the cube (for each log piece) must be equal. 


  • Individual packaging size:  13  x 17 x  10 cm  

  • Available colors: Pink, white,  Green.